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Adult: AED 399 *
Child: AED 325 *
60 Mins
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Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping? - You're a thrill seeker.

Package Overview:

Finally for all thrill seekers Bungee Jumping is now in Dubai!!

We are very proud to bring an adventure total fun filled experience which is breathtaking and sure is to create terror for at least a second in your adrenaline. Experience this adventure in Dubai from a height of 50m jump.

This terror and fun inspiring adventure is a new addition to Dubai markets this adventure has no boundaries at all, so test your limit with this extreme adventure.

We serve our main course dish yes the tempting Bungee jumping on the venue. Jump from platform of nearly 50mtrs high and feel the blood pumping down to knees. While performing this act your foot is tied to elastic cord and our instructors give you all the instructions beforehand.

Modern Bungee jumping is known to have its origin from ancient times. Now there is a very interesting tale behind the whole act which is performed in Pacific Archipelago Island. In village named Bunlap there was a couple and the husband's name was Tamalie, one day he had a fought with his wife post which his wife runs and climbs on a banyan tree and then she wraps her ankle with the liana vines. Seeing that Tamalie has come she jumps from tree and she survives.

Everyone in Bunlap especially men get too impressed with this stunning daring performance and start practicing these jumps. This soon was transformed in a ritual for showing manhood and for good harvest.

However, the Modern story of Bungee jumping as all of us now started on April fool's day 1979. A group of 4-5 men from sports club of Oxford University impressed from a film which was on "vine jumpers", they jumped from a height of almost 245ft in Bristol and they used braided rubber cords of nylon, as an alternative of vines. These men performed four man immediate jump which was awesome to look at.
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