Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. What safety equipment do you carry onboard?
Each yacht does carry full safety equipment, to include lifejackets, life rings, a life raft and safety flares. The deck crew is trained in First Aid and Safety Drills at sea. Our yachts also carry fire extinguishers, fire blankets and a First Aid Kit. Additionally, our yachts are equipped with the latest navigation and communication aids including VHF Radios.
Q2. How about my privacy on board?
We respect your privacy at all times, should you require complete discretion of our crew, we will ensure they stay out of your way.
Q3. How many years of experience does the crew have?
All our crew are well experienced and hold all the required qualifications to perform their duties on board. All our crew also has fire safety management, and first aid survival.
Q4. How much should I tip the yacht's crew?
It is common to tip the crew 5% of the charter fee. The amount is always at your discretion. Feel free to show how much you have appreciated it. You will invariably find that the crews do work hard for you and appreciate these gratuities.
Q5. What is the ideal length of a cruise?
We recommend all our guests to take at least 4+ hours to enjoy there cruise.
Q6. Do I really need to bring ID?
To comply with UAE Coastguard Regulations, all cruise passengers must carry proof of identity (Passport, Copy of Passport, or UAE Driving License) for inspection prior to departure.
Q7. What if the weather is bad?
If the weather is moderate we will try to perform the charter as close as to the cruise route as possible, in the event the weather is not suitable for sail a credit note for the charter will be issued against any future date. Please see our terms and conditions.
Q8. Is alcohol allowed?
Alcohol is permitted providing the guests brings at their own discretion.
Q9. Do you offer music on the yacht so that we can arrange a small disco party as well?
Yes we have on board 16 speaker Bose sound system, which plays audio cd's & dvd's. Feel free to bring your own music selection.
Q10. Is there anything extra?
We have a range of extras including luxury transportation, floral arrangements, birthday cakes, and laser lights; please contact us for more information.
Q11. What time should I arrive?
We recommend all guests to arrive at least 30mins prior to departure time, to avoid any delays.
Q12. How far in advance do I need to book the yacht?
Ideally you should book your charter as soon as possible to avoid non availability.
Q13. What are your booking terms & conditions?
Please read our booking terms and conditions, this will need to be signed prior to departure.
Q14. What are your payment method?
We accept credit cards, cheques, & cash payment. Payments must be made in advance to ensure reservation of date & time.
Q15. When will the balance amount be due?
The balance payment is required 24 hours prior to departure time.

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