Five Rules to Maintain While in Dubai

In spite of being a global city that is visited by a sound flock of vacationers and that is home to a number of luxurious malls and extravagant attractions and high profile hang-outs depicting affluence from every nook and corner and tremendously rich establishments like Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Atlantis, and The Palm, the city of Dubai still sticks to its rich legacy and old world appeal by firmly holding fast to the Muslim Shariah Law. This is a total contrast to the laws in the conventional western countries. In fact, while you plan to make a trip to the UAE, it is important to get a good knowledge of its distinctive etiquette and culture so that you can avoid indulging into any action that is prohibited and could lead to imprisonment.

1. Reserved Dressing

The Shariah-compliant dress code which is followed by the local women here are apparels that cover their entire body leaving just the face and hands uncovered. This is strictly followed throughout the country, whoever the tourists are exempted from wearing this attire. It is still expected that women visiting Dubai will not wear anything that that is revealing. Foreign tourists are supposed to wear decent long skirts, or loose trousers. You can accompany them with loose shirts or T-shirts that has a decent neck-line and sleeves to cover the upper arms. You can also use a scarf to cover your head. Decently dressing would prevent you from getting any unwanted attention or land you into any situation.

2. Interactive Social Customs

Being a conservative place, Dubai wants you to be courteous, and so it is better to avoid being harsh or loud while in public. Don’t try to glare at or record any Emirati women on your camera. Also, be sure that you are not disturbing or interrupting people while they are offering Namaz or praying. Also, to disregard or use bad language against Islam is considered a serious offense here. The local traditions entail you not to show your affection by kissing in public.

3. Greeting People Respectfully

The primary protocol while dealing with locals is to show reverence and greeting them respectfully. Emiratis lay enormous importance on generosity, hospitality and serves delicious food to the guests. If you are invited by any local for a customary coffee or an abundant Arabic banquet, try not to refuse them. Most significantly, don’t make a promise that you might not be able to keep, as Emiratis are recognized for observing strong principles and ethics.

4. Be Cautious of Taking Pictures

Filled with cultural, historic, charming and contemporary attractions, Dubai offers a feast to photography buff. However, be very careful while taking snaps. There are certain buildings which are prohibited from photography and also make sure you don’t capture local women or you might end up in jail.

5. Proper Sharing of Accommodation

Dubai has a host of accommodation systems from luxurious hotels to pocket friendly lodges. However while you book any kind of accommodation be ware that you are not allowed to share a closed space with the person of an opposite gender if you are not bound by kinship or nuptial ties. This is applicable to hotels, lodges, houses, apartments and even vehicles.

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